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Apollo, senior member of the Mounted Unit, is a North American Spotted Draft Horse. He came to Parks in 2008, at the age of 5. Brave and steady, he’s used to help train horses who are new to the job. In 2020 Apollo was named to the EQUUS Foundation/USEF “Horse Stars Hall of Fame.”


Atlas, with his striking black and white markings, is another North American Spotted Draft, which is a registered cross between a draft (work) horse and one with pinto or “paint” coloring. Atlas joined the unit in 2012, a few months shy of his fifth birthday.


Justice is also a North American Spotted Draft Horse. Although he’s smaller (and less “spotted”) than Atlas and Apollo, this level-headed, stalwart mount has calmly patrolled large-scale events like the Global Citizen concerts in Central Park. He joined up in 2012, at the age of 6.


Langston, the smallest horse in the unit, is part Mustang—the breed of wild horses that still roam the American West. In the summer Langston’s coat is a beautiful blanket of dapples. This sure-footed mount was named for the late PEP Sgt. Bruce Langston.


Teddy, a purebred Clydesdale, is the tallest horse in the Mounted Unit. He came to the unit in 2012, when he was not yet 4 years old, and he’s come a long way since then.  Teddy was named after a beloved Mounted Auxiliary Officer, the late

Ted Tanen.

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